The objective of Moa is to assist a bioinformatics project by keeping it;

  • Organized:

    Moa facilitates project organization in many (smaller and more major) ways by providing a uniform way to capture commands as Moa jobs. Each Moa job is linked to a specific directory, which contains all configuration, template, data, and intermediate data available as files within the directory structure.

  • Documented:

    Moa provides the possibility to add a title, description and changelogs to each job.

  • Reproducible

    By having all templates and configuration copied into a workflow - the workflow never changes (unless the user wants it to), even if templates in the repository change. Moreover, all templates are easy to find and inspect so it is always clear what happened.

  • Reusable & Shareable:

    Moa provides reusable templates. New templates are easy to create, adapt and share. Workflows can be archived and reused with different data.

  • Flexible:

    Moa provides a good number of hooks to insert custom code into a workflow, making that code part of the workflow. This ensures maximum flexibility.